Jan 3, 2014

"Walkin'-the-dog. " by MrJoop | Redbubble

"Walkin'-the-dog. " by MrJoop | Redbubble:

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Dec 31, 2013

I was 12. Down at the last lock before the North Sea, my 6th grade 'buddy' raised his arm across his face. Later my mother often said: "Then I thought: What have I done to these two boys?"

31 December, 2013 
Dolls Point, NSW. 

Gijsbert ( 3.  in the photo)

just sent me a scan of a postcard, 
which I sent him from the migrant ship, 
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 
in May 1956 
which was kept by his late mother, 
now found in a box of memorabilia. 

  • 1. was "bestest friend", Piet, 
  • (with whom I've met up a few times since). 

  • 4. Ria was the 'girlfriend' 
  • and  with 

  • 5. Carla I HAVE had www contact 
  • via a "school-friends" website.

Our teacher, Mr Berretty, took this photo 
with my father's box camera, 
on my last day of school, before migrating. 
We'd haad Miss Terpstra in 1st & 2nd grade
and Mr Berretty (from Indonesia), 
3rd to 6th grade. 

I wrote..........

I had posted this in the ship's 'post office' 
and it was then sent on to Gouda, in the Netherlands 
when the ship arrived at our first port, Fremantle. 

On the card: 

I was telling Gijsbert that he should be happy that he could stay in the Netherlands because I was "bored to death" and had read the book that he had given me as a farewell present 7 or 8 times 

that I did not know if I was going to live in Melbourne or in Perth. 
I asked about the local soccer results. 

Below: Bus taking us with the relatives
 from Gouda to Amsterdam Harbour. 

Last photos before boarding the ship. 

*For those who came in late: Our teacher, left us on Wednesday afternoons* about half an hour before lunch-  and home-time and I was left in charge of my fellow pupils, to 'make them read' while I sat at his table. (To me this explains my 'attitude' and manner of writing on the postcard.)

*He taught at a technical high school, in Rotterdam, on those Wednesdays, after leaving me 'in-charge'.

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Dec 30, 2013


Friday October 26th 2012


I car-shared with a colleague, another primary school teacher, here in Sydney. It was the mid-sixties. During the holidays he'd been up to Nimbin, where his wife's parents had a property and taken photos of the countryside. Photography was his hobby. He told me that a change was coming over the area. 

David Hallett and the Nimbin Allstars from ABC Open North Coast NSW on Vimeo.

Dec 28, 2013

There were a number of Dutch pupils because of Scheyville and the meatworks.

My first appointment was to Riverstone Public School 

and the reason I had 

a few fellow-Dutch-background pupils 

in my class 

and in that school 

was because Scheyville Migrant Hostel 

where I also briefly stayed 

was not far away 

and quite a few people found employment 

at the meatworks, 

in Riverstone.


Sep 5, 2013

My response to: 6Ps: Country Soul and Surfing

6Ps: Country Soul and Surfing: Some of the 6Ps staff were around when the Country Soul vibe was strong - Morning of the Earth - being one such example. We love that movi...
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My response:
I'm at the age when we "old folk" repeat ourselves a lot.

I found Crescent Head, when I drove my station wagon up and parked it beside the tent of friends (Primary school principal and his family) who were on the annual holiday there, meeting up with other annual regulars.
My last visit was as assessor for Keep Australia Beautiful when I'd been allocated that part of the coast. I stayed with fellow ex-Maroubra Bay High School student, Lynne Anderson, in the Crescent Head Holiday apartment where Tony and I made 'beautiful music' together. At their request, I'd brought my piano accordion along and so ...VERY late into the NIGHT Tony and played his bagpipes and I played the old songs on the accordion.

 I feel like I've always 'hung around' surfers. Don't take that the wrong way.  I spent my teenage years reading books at the North End of Maroubra Beach, wishing I could ride a surfboard like those "surfies" out there.  It strikes me that the person who was in charge, when I was 'judging beaches' was very involved with the surfing world. Crescent Head has always 'symbolised' for me the location where those fellow Maroubra Bay High School students took their vans to to get stuck in. Right now, in my head I'm hearing 'The Atlantics' shouting "wipe-out!!!! ". (The drummer was a classmate. The others a year or so younger.)

I spent so much time in Bob Potter's Dance Studio in Maroubra Junction but I was n't built te be a dancer.  I spent so much time on Maroubra Beach but I wasn't built to be a surfer. (We were taught breast stroke, in the Netherlands, where I came from, age 12.)

I SO WISHED that I COULD have been a surfer. I DO have the impression that surfers DO love that ocean-beach environment and that they DO respect it.  Is it possible that these average surfers, when they are older DO want to KEEP that world a great place for the next generation of surfers?

That they DO join the Dune Care volunteers and similar groups when they've had their fun?

Post by Oz Cloggie.

BEYOND Crescent Head, I discoved: NAMBUCCA HEADS.......

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