Nov 22, 2014

Remembering 'Remembering and Anthology' at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst. 7 years ago!!!! Oh dear!

The exhibition organised by my daughter and my son. 

Wish I had the name of the person interviewing me. 
I was so pleased. So surprised when I found this on the www, 
not long after the exhibition. 

Sadly I do not have the names.
Of the young lady who videoed this
or the "interviewer", whose 
partner was holding an exhibition 

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Nov 2, 2014

We were living in the migrant hostel, in Matraville and visited another Dutch family in one of the other rooms..... these ex-army barracks.
I was sitting with my mother when the lady pointed proudly to a drawing attached to the wall. It was done by her daughter.
That was ~ HONESTLY ~ a 'turning point for me!
I thought: "I can do that!!"  (I was 12 going-on 13).
Nothing was done about art in high school.
I elected MUSIC as my 'extra' subject (instead).
It was when I'd been teaching in the far west of NSW that I found out about the Art Teachers Conversion Course.  "The rest is history."
I also want to tell you that an 'Inspector of Schools' had the principal of my first school (Riverstone PS) send me out the a school in the city where art supplies were stored. Supposedly to go and get some. (Not the normal routine.)
What it really was about: It was a 'plot to push me towards doing something about specialising in teaching art!!!!!   :)

But it was quite a few years later that I enrolled in the Art Teachers Conversion Course! 

Jan 3, 2014

"Walkin'-the-dog. " by MrJoop | Redbubble

"Walkin'-the-dog. " by MrJoop | Redbubble:

'via Blog this'

  • Why post this here on my Dutch Immigration page? 
  • a) Was not intended 
  • but   
  • b) quite suitable. 
  • It is obvious that so many immigrants from the 50s and 60s settled here.....

Dec 31, 2013

I was 12. Down at the last lock before the North Sea, my 6th grade 'buddy' raised his arm across his face. Later my mother often said: "Then I thought: What have I done to these two boys?"

31 December, 2013 
Dolls Point, NSW. 

Gijsbert ( 3.  in the photo)

just sent me a scan of a postcard, 
which I sent him from the migrant ship, 
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 
in May 1956 
which was kept by his late mother, 
now found in a box of memorabilia. 

  • 1. was "bestest friend", Piet, 
  • (with whom I've met up a few times since). 

  • 4. Ria was the 'girlfriend' 
  • and  with 

  • 5. Carla I HAVE had www contact 
  • via a "school-friends" website.

Our teacher, Mr Berretty, took this photo 
with my father's box camera, 
on my last day of school, before migrating. 
We'd haad Miss Terpstra in 1st & 2nd grade
and Mr Berretty (from Indonesia), 
3rd to 6th grade. 

I wrote..........

I had posted this in the ship's 'post office' 
and it was then sent on to Gouda, in the Netherlands 
when the ship arrived at our first port, Fremantle. 

On the card: 

I was telling Gijsbert that he should be happy that he could stay in the Netherlands because I was "bored to death" and had read the book that he had given me as a farewell present 7 or 8 times 

that I did not know if I was going to live in Melbourne or in Perth. 
I asked about the local soccer results. 

Below: Bus taking us with the relatives
 from Gouda to Amsterdam Harbour. 

Last photos before boarding the ship. 

*For those who came in late: Our teacher, left us on Wednesday afternoons* about half an hour before lunch-  and home-time and I was left in charge of my fellow pupils, to 'make them read' while I sat at his table. (To me this explains my 'attitude' and manner of writing on the postcard.)

*He taught at a technical high school, in Rotterdam, on those Wednesdays, after leaving me 'in-charge'.

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